Jade Regent (Derby)

Week 1

Goblin Fodder

Five of our heroes took up the call brave the Brinestump Marshes and take out the goblin threat. Taking the advice of Shalelu, the group sought out the advice of Walthus Proudstump – the self appointed “warden” of the marshes. On the way they saw evidence of a three-toed creature stalking the swap but have yet to catch sight of it. Arriving at his coastal shack, the party instead were confronted by a faceless stalker who wanted the place for himself. After trying time and to get rid of the party he instead tricked the cleric into healing him up before attacking the party.

Walthus emerged from his hiding place and thanked the party. Giving his +1 cloak of resistance to the gnome. He also wanted to tell the party all about his back story but no one asked.

Leaving the swamp and sleeping on the road was probably a good idea. The next day an attack on the goblin village was planned. However when they arrived the place looked as though it had already been attacked and the goblins were hiding. Slow to react, the goblins stormed the party in waves and were cut down in turn. Finally the party attacked Chief Gutwad and the Paladin heroically charged him yet found himself surrounded. Although the Paladin fell, he was rescued by the others.

Following the treasure trail, the group came upon a cave entrance. Entering then defeated some spiders.


kingpin kingpin

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