Jade Regent (Derby)

Week 2

Goodbye to Sandpoint

So it turns out it was a group if skeletons that attacked the goblin village to recover the loot they had stolen. The treasure was nice but the most valuable thing was the letter hidden in the damaged hilt of the sword used by the samurai.

Taking their findings back to Sandpoint, they were welcomed excitedly for ending the goblin threat. Ameiko was intrigued at the news about her families past and spent the night in contemplation. The next day the party re-entered the swamp to tie up loose ends. Taking a boat they visited the site of two wrecks of ships belonging to Ameiko’s family. It seems they washed ashore in bad weather. Perhaps one group took shelter in the cave and that is where they drowned.

They then investigated the shack belonging to Old Megus and made the gruesome discovery that she had been trying to polymorph herself with disastrous results. They destroyed the decrepit building to reveal the ratling and once in the open it was easy to kill.

Once back in town Ameiko announced her intent to travel to Brinewall to find out what is in this warding box and to seek more information on her families history. She had already recruited Sandu’s caravan and Koya was desperate to take the trip. Shalelu, ever the protector of those the cares about, decided trip north would be good fun. And with the goblin threat under control, she wasn’t needed in the hinterlands for the moment.

Caravans are being bought and training of jobs under way.


kingpin kingpin

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