Jade Regent (Derby)

Week 3

Hello Brinewall!

The party left Sandpoint discussing what to do with any prisoners they might find. Koya was a little disturbed that the group even needed to talk about this. Wasn’t the caravan just going to investigate a castle? Yet leaving the small town behind seemed to perk up Koya up. She was visibly excited to be on the move.

The first few days were uneventful. Although the caravan was woken one night by the howls from the nearby trees. The guards managed to rally and drive the the werewolves off.

After a few more stops they finally arrived in Brinewall. Ameiko entered a trance like state. The healers managed to determine that she was under the influence of some force of personality although detect evil revealed nothing. It is clearly something to do with Brinewall so the NPC’s offer to care for Ameiko whilst the heroes venture forth to investigate.

The town was deserted. The buildings look to have suffered under some massive attack two decades ago. The buildings have been burnt down or destroyed. Only the graveyard with the symbol of Desna seems to have been looked after since.

A Linnorm longboat has been left in the docks with massive damage. It seems to have been left there for a few weeks. Party was attacked by 3 reef claws.

Investigating the lighthouse gave the party a rusty key. No one yet knows what for.

The approach to the castle was easy. Once the gates had been smashed down and the tree dire corby gaurds defeated, they make the choice to go upstairs where they fought a lone guard and killed one orgekin in the yard below – another escaped. The party entered what might once have been a solarium. And were attacked by a large Mobat. It was scared off but not before nearly killing the fighter.


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