Jade Regent (Derby)

Week 8

Having discovered the true ancestory of Ameiko and that a sword called Suishen would give them more info, the party hitched their wagons and headed north into the Land of the Linnorm Kings.

Along the way the party noticed they were being followed by a flock of ravens with one in particular being rather large and with red tipped wings. According to Conflagrati, that means and evil omen and are often related to serving dark powers. Spooky!

About 100 miles from Kalsgard, the caravan is attacked one night by a group of Ulfen warriors who after landing their ship attacked the caravan. Non survived and the party had a nice boat called Aril’s Hammer. Each of the attacks also had a gold lion’s head arm ring and Kelda said they are worn by men in the service of landowners, although she did not recognise that particular symbol.

Upon reaching Kalsguard the party managed to sell the boat for a nice profit and off loaded some other items.

The caravan parked in the Bone Quarter with all the other travelling caravans to avoid suspicion and the party stayed in an inn to further blend in.

Kelda thanked the party and gave them a Scabbard of Vigor and mentioned they should look her up when they leave to traverse the crown of the world although they would also need a guide to get them over there.

Asking around town the party realised elements of the criminal underground had been asking about them, but no details could be unearthed.

First point of call was Fynn Snaevald to recover the sword. However he claimed that the item had been stolen a fortnight ago. His servants were killed and one with the last words told one of the attackers was much taller than the rest and that he must “pay the lion’s due”.

Discovering that these clues most likely referred to Asvig Longthews, a minor landowner, the party headed out there to confront him. Discovering a party that night, they thought it the opportune moment to attack and easily took out the drunk warriors.

Interrogation revealed much: The men had little knowledge of where the sword was but a man called Ulf Gormundr would soon be “joining Snorri Sone-Eye,” the late Jarl who’s funeral ship was due to be set afloat the next morning.

Snorri was a famous Jarl who had many successes in southern raids into Varisia. One one trip he contracted a mysterious illness and died, but not before selling most of his things to a group called the Rimerunners Guild.

After leaving the farm the party were approached by a woman claiming to be a friend of Ulf and who was worried about him. She knew he was at the farm. She also was certain that funeral would be delayed as there would be a heavy fog the next morning. This turned out to be accurate.

Upon reaching the river, the party discovered the ship would now be sailed at sunset, and also that investigation would be impossible under the close watch of the housekarls.

The plan is made to return an hour before sunset.

Heading back to the inn, the party discover one of their rooms has been ransacked.


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