Orlando Vallinova

Gangly, aesthetic poet with a slight speech impediment


Final XP Table for Orlando

Name Normal XP Relationship XP XP TOTAL Level Next Level At Date
Angelis 9,659 1,673 11,342 4th 15,000 19/10/2012
Bronn 9,659 1,673 11,342 4th 15,000 19/10/2012
Conflagrati 9,659 1,673 11,342 4th 15,000 19/10/2012
Jamillia 9,659 1,673 11,342 4th 15,000 19/10/2012
Maximus 8,827 1,673 10,490 4th 15,000 19/10/2012
Orlando 9,659 1,633 11,292 4th 15,000 19/10/2012
TOTAL 10,000 XP

Relationship Scores as Orlando stopped adventuring

NPC Angelis Bronn Conflagrati Jamilia Maximus Orlando
Ameiko Kaijitsu 6 f 1 a 7 f 5 a 1 a 17 F
Koya Mvashti 8 f 1 a 13 F 14 F 6 f 11 f
Sandru Vhiski 6 f 12 R 7 f 8 f -1 a 10 f
Shalelu Andosana 8 f 1 a 7 c 8 f 0 a 11 f
Kelda Oxgutter ? a ? a 7 c 4 a -1 a 6 f
TOTAL XP 1,000 1,600 2,400 2,000 400 2,400
GR. TOT. 9,800 XP

Gifts Given

Ameiko Kaijitsu Gift
1st Level all PCs missed 1st level gifts
2nd Level Swamp flower as symbol that beauty now exists in the once dangerous Brinestump
3rd Level Still in coma
4th Level The two ships’ bells from the Kaijitsu Star & the Kaijitsu’s Blossom plus a jolly big hug for awaking from the coma
Koya Mvashti Gift
1st Level all PCs missed 1st level gifts
2nd Level Poem of introduction
3rd Level Calligraphic script of the Tian zodiac used for fortune telling in Tian Xia
4th Level Discussion of his findings on Tian astrology
Sandru Vhiski Gift
1st Level all PCs missed 1st level gifts
2nd Level Poem of introduction
3rd Level Bottle of brandy and some fireside chat about Ameiko
4th Level Discussion of Ameiko over drinkies
Shalelu Andosana Gift
1st Level all PCs missed 1st level gifts
2nd Level Burnt shard of witch’s house & poem of how we cleansed that evil
3rd Level Shell from Brinewall beach
4th Level Bouquet of sweet smelling flowers for her smelly tent
Kelda Oxgutter Gift
4th Level Skald saga of female barbarian crushing ogres


  • Childhood Crush (Ameiko)
  • Empyreal Cultist (Regional: Magnimar)


  • Improved Initiative [Human Bonus]
  • Noble Scion [1st Level]
  • Skill Focus (Perform (Oratory)) [3rd Level]

Orlando Vallinova, or Orlando the Dreamer, is an effete, fey, aesthetic poet with a slight speech impediment; he is rather thin, one might unkindly even say gangly.

He grew up in the Varisian metropolis of Magnimar where he collected a library and passion for learning. Orlando is the umpteenth son of minor nobility, so he is the beneficiary of a reasonably good education and a modicum of an inheritance but little else, not even a title. All of his inheritance has been spent on his large and eclectic library: a vast library of knowledge and literature; thus he has little else of value.

Orlando desperately wants to see the world but needs a caravan because of all his books that must travel with him. He walks with his head forever in a book either reading it or writing down his experiences of the world or the people around him. The chance of a caravan traversing three continents is a godsend.

He is not a coward but is very scared of monsters and violence and hides behind others in such situations encouraging others as much as possible to defeat the monsters.

He is always clean and loathes bad odours, vermin, foul creatures, bad food and uncouth people. He is forever washing his hands. Another reason for needing a caravan is somewhere to store his rather large collection of perfumes and handkerchiefs; he finds comfort in using a handkerchief as a barrier between him and the grime of the mundane world and its uneducated masses.
He is extremely knowledgeable about everything that could be written in a book but is pretty useless at anything practical or that requires hard work.

He is quickly able to turn the mundane world into beautiful poetry and is very effective at Diplomacy, especially with those that appreciate his artistic talents. His ability to Bluff is weak and he wouldn’t really know how to Intimidate someone properly. His ability with languages is strong and he is always learning new languages; currently can speak: Celestial, Shoanti, Skald, Taldane (Common) and Varisian.

He is quite shy until he is performing when he is ‘magnificent, darling’.
The elements don’t concern him too much – he could literally catch his death of cold while reading an important treatise, as his books distract him from such trivia. Dirt and dampness are other things entirely, as they could damage his precious books. During rain, he expects to travel inside the caravan not to keep warm but so he can continue to read and write.
Though he may seem aloof he is genuine and caring; he neither bears malice nor seeks to harm others unless they threaten him or his allies.

He travelled to Sandpoint some months ago lured by the tales of troubles in the area. However, when he arrived he caught a glimpse of Ameiko and, as poets are prone to do, fell madly in love with the most beautiful and attractive lady he had ever met. This did little for his shyness and he has never directly proclaimed his adoration for Ameiko to the girl in question, though it is probable that Ameiko has noticed his greater nervousness around her. Scholars of Minkan and Varisian mythology and history, however, might notice subtle and obscure allusions to Ameiko in his poems of late. He is more prone to sighing and deep introspection lately as his secret passion takes a stronger grip on him. The realization that Ameiko would be travelling on the caravan has strengthened his resolve to travel too, so that he might protect his princess, his goddess and declare his undying love for her at the correct god-blessed hour.

Orlando has found work at the newly reopened shop and library called ‘The Way North’ working alongside the gnome shopkeeper, Veznutt Parooh, caring for and arranging the books and maps there. In his spare time he is learning Tien and the Minkaian languages.

Orlando respects many of the deities of Golarion, especially Desna and Shelyn. However, he particularly worships the empyreal lord, Soralyon, one of Magnimar’s important guardians.

Orlando Vallinova

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