Jade Regent

It was less than a decade ago when heroes were a staple of every day life in Sandpoint, a small town off Varisia’s Lost Coast. Back then the town was nearly burnt down after a daring Goblin raid, which lead to the implementation of a goblin bounty, 10gp per fresh goblin ear.

This ended after two eager young adventurers were swept out to sea in the hunt for goblin ears. Combined with greater rewards elsewhere, heroes stopped visiting Sandpoint.

Yet now the goblins are on the move after somehow getting their hands on a stash of fireworks. It’s not that it makes them more dangerous so much as it makes them brave. Already they have attacked travellers on the Lost Coast road and the worry is that Sandpoint will be their next target.

Sheriff Belor Hemlock as reinstated the goblin bounty with an additional reward of 300gp for the head of the goblin leader, Chief Gutwad.

After finding a letter to Ameiko’s father from her grandfather, the party join a caravan to the Brinewall castle to discover the truth about Ameiko’s ancestors.

Not only are there goblins to be found in the Brinestump Marches, but a secret destiny that might bring our heroes far from Sandpoint, on a quest to fight a conspiracy that spans continents.

Jade Regent (Derby)

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