Angel-Blooded Aasimar Paladin of Iomedae


As you can see for yourself, I am a well built, charasmatic Aasimar Paladin of Iomedae. I am well educated and in excellent health. I stand at 6’4" weighing in at 197lbs. My hair is a copper colour, my eyes look like saphires and my skin has recently started to take on a steel hue.


As to my past, I do not know what fiend it was that killed my true parents. All I know is that Madame Niska Mvashti was on hand to cut me from my mother’s womb. She cared for me alongside her own daughter, Koya, who was close in age. It is a fact though, that an Aasimar develops far slower and lives longer than a normal human and so as she grew, Koya became more like a big sister and then to me at least, a mother figure. Her heart was kind and her advice always one I would seek as I grew.
When it became time, Niska sent me to the church of Iomedae in Kintargo of Cheliax. There I found my destiny as a Paladin of the faith and grew in strength and ability. I made frequent trips back to see Koya and found friendship and kinship with Jamilia and Sandru Vhiski, others whom Koya had more recently “adopted” and who has kept good care of her as she has grown older and since the death of Niska, a debt of gratitude that I hold close to my heart. If Koya has been my mother then Jamilia and Sandru are my sister and brother.
It is funny to live among humans. They treat me like the 19 year old youth I look like, though I’m 63 years of age and old enough to be their Grandfather. It amuses me to watch their underestimation of me, my abilities and my experience and indeed it leaves me the edge in dealing with them. As I begin my travels it will be intriguing to see how my companions finally realise that I’m not the boy I look to be.


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