Human Sellsword and Caravan guard


STR – 18 (4)
DEX – 15 (
CON – 13 (+1)
INT – 10
WIS – 10
CHA – 10

Climb +4
Intimidate +4
Ride +2
Survival +5

AC 19 / Touch 13 / flat-footed 16 – has leather Lamellar armour and heavy steel shield, plus dodge feat

Initiative +8

FEATS – Dodge, Improved initiative, Weapon Focus Longsword
TRAITS – Reactionary, Caravan Guard

Longsword 6, 1D84
Longbow +3, 1D8


Bronn is a tallish 18 year old Sellsword he looks far older than he is. This is due to him having to leave home at 12 after killing his first man. He still sends money home to his mother when he can.
He has a streak of goodness running through him, but he dislikes people forcing their ideas on him. His personal hatred is the mistreatment of women and children and anyone doing this will feel the full force of his wrath.
He is a friend of Sandru, who he has worked for many times, guarding his caravans. However of late, this has lost its shine and he is looking for something new to fill his purse and to provide a better life for his mother.


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