Imperial Families

For the majority of it’s history, Minkai has been ruled by the emperors and empresses descending from one of the five imperial families, each of which was blessed with the right to rule by the goddess Shizuru in the distant past. Today, however, the families have been hunted to extinction by the oni of the Five Storms and their emissaries.

Amatatsu: This Imperial family has a reputation for producing traders, explorers, and reformers. One member of this family, Amatatsu Aganhei, forged the trade route between Minkai and Avistan thousands of years ago, but his triumph was suppressed by the Teikoku family and he himself executed by the Teikoku shogun.

Higashiyamsa: Members of the family were respected scholars and pious worshippers of the goddesss Shizuru. This family ruled Minkai for much of the last 100 years since the fall of Lung Wa. Rumours suggest that there may still be living heirs of this family, but that they have either allied with the oni or been hidden away in remote prisons under the Five Storm’s control. The current Emperor, Higashiyamsa Shigure has gone into hiding under advice from his family, with the Jade regent ruling until his return.

Shojinawa: Although the oldest rulers from this family have reputations fore revering ancestral spirits, raising fantastic shrines, and creating grand public works, the memory of the Shojinawas’ great works was soured by later generations’ decadence and madness. Some claim the family was even cursed by the moon for dabbling in dark magic and bloody sacrafices under its gaze – and doubt one could tell the difference between an oni and a Shojinawa heir if forced to say which was which.The Shojinawa was supposedly destroyed when their palace was consumed by a conflagration of freezing black fire.

Sugimatu: Historically, the Sugimatus were a peacemakers and the imperial family most in touch with the needs of the people. Historians have granted members of this dynasty titles such as the Empress of Pleasent Rains, Emperor of the Sake Sea, and the Six Springs Empress. Rather than being intimidating titles, these names reflect eras that number among the most peaceful and bountiful in Minkai’s history.

Teikoku: A family of traditionalists and isolationists, the Teikokus were among the most militaristic of the five imperial families. The family founded the Taikoku Shogunate – the empire hate pre-dated Minkai.

Imperial Families

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