Orlando's Conquests

Please do not change this as it is Orlando’s view – set up your own area (it’s easy) to show how your PCs view the campaign.

Not that sort of conquest, gentle reader, I only have eyes for Ameiko Kaijitsu.

Here is a list of all the creatures I have killed, conquered or stopped from being a danger in my new adventuring career:

Part 1

  • faceless stalker pretending to be Walthus Proudstump
  • big snake (reduced me to near death [-9 HP])
  • 4 goblins
  • village of goblins
    • Chief Gutwad and 24 goblin minions (I even hit one with my sword, eventually, but they are very easy to daze)
  • 2 large spiders in the cave we found (hit one of these with my sword too!)

Part 2

  • 8 oriental skeletons in the cave: undead do exist though these were pretty easy to demolish
  • an oriental skeletal champion with masterwork items – much less easy to demolish
  • a sinspawn – the three toed tracks mystery was solved
  • evil but tiny ratling thing
  • 3 big rats (I killed one by chopping it in half with a single slash of my sword)
  • Some of the party tried to kill the house until it landed on them – then they stopped – I had warned them

Part 3

  • 5th Rova: Pack of werewolves attacked the caravan soon after we headed off but were seen off by the caravan working together
  • 7th Rova: Gulduria: they hated my verse here. It was a bit if an off night, but they were all probably illiterate
  • 8th Rova: Wolf’s Ear: they had a wolf’s ear for my poetry for certain – I might as well have barked at the moon for similar effect. I gave all my earnings to the poor starved children of this benighted village
  • 11th Rova: Rodric’s Cove: at last a performance worthy of me and an audience to appreciate it.
  • 18th Rova: Brinewall Castle: no one here to appreciate any performance – a ghost town. Poor Ameiko faints and the answer to saving her is in the Castle. The party want to dally in the village but I am for attacking the castle head on. They persuaded me it would be safer and we might find something of use in the village so I stop my solo march to the castle and rejoin them.
    • 3 reefclaws (grabbed by one horribly) – I thought they were crabs – they weren’t
  • Finally to the castle:
    • 3 x dire corbies
    • solo dire corby (I helped kill this one (for Ameiko))
    • 2 x ogrekin (though one got away – probably not important)
    • Mobat – pretty nasty but eventually flew away

Part 4 (18 & 19 Rova 4712)

  • Brinewall Castle (cont…)
    • Ettercap and large spider – both very poisonous! I felt extremely clumsy after succumbing to a virulent poison that took ages to heal
    • Monitor lizard (now food)
    • 3 smelly troglodytes (except these weren’t very smelly)
    • 3 more trogs – these were smelly but I fortunately had that lovely cologne from Andoran (Liberty – fresh fragrance for men) which worked a treat
    • Throne room
      • 5 dire corbies acting out a play (I nearly lopped the head off one with my sword – melee is so much fun: dashing in and slash, slash, slash!)
      • Pretend bard (I caught him out on which school had taught him – he had no clue!) actually an irredeemably wicked, Yamabushi tengu – an oni – an eastern demon/devil – what is it doing in Brinewall? It fled clearly embarrassed that a real thespian had turned up to unmask his deceit
    • Dragon-helmed wight and probably the soul of the poor Castle captain from all those years ago. We put his soul to rest and will consecrate his bones this evening in the Desnan graveyard.
    • 2 ogrekin (man and wife) – no sense of humour

Part 5

  • Brinewall Castle (19 Rova 4712, cont…)
    • 6 troglodytes and a leader chase and attack us as we leave the Castle – horrible fight and brave Bronn is nearly killed
  • Brinewall Castle (20 Rova 4712)
    • Kikonu, the Yamabushi tengu is put out of his misery
    • Zaiobe, the treacherous harpy turned on the party once the oni was dead not to my surprise, indeed she shot at me first and I retaliated with a spell that completely dazed her straight away
    • Monstrous belostomatid (YUK)

Part 6

  • Brinewall Castle (20 Rova 4712, cont…)
    Oh, I do love this adventuring lark! We are on a noble quest to save Ameiko and all my chums are helping and do so well against all the monsters in this castle. What’s more is that lovely little gnome keeps giving me piles of gold – I pretend that I am used to this, but I think she notices I have never seen so much gold before. What’s more is we keep finding stuff and they just GIVE it to me: scrolls, potions, books, an exquisitely made sword and a powerful shield that makes me invulnerable to everything – it has stopped every attack made against me since I started wearing it; actually even if I don’t wear it, it still works! This is clearly strong magic though, apparently, it hides its magic aura well for those that can see such auras fail to notice one on this shield. I have heard tell of a spell that obscures the enchantments placed on objects and have concluded this artefact must be similarly illusioned.
    • Quickling: this evil fey wanted my body for his collection as I was the ‘prettiest’ of our party. He had poison on his blade – why do so many things want to poison me?
    • 6 dire corbies: used all the fighting skills I’d learnt in the book I read last night against these foul creatures: height advantage by being on a table with them; flanking – I had two either side of me; and my new shield. They stood no chance and were downed quickly though Bronn did moan about this awesomely effective tactic.
    • attic whisperer – horrid abomination: an undead child. It stole voices and breath and was frightfully difficult to hit. Moreover, it was immune to my poems! Nevertheless, I tried to aid the strong fighters in hitting it until it fell. Some drawings of the original child were interesting (see Quest Page)
    • Ameiko was still comatose on return to the camp
  • Brinewall Castle (21 Rova 4712)
    • We first found the library of the oni and an infernal (in every sense of the word) play.
    • On the battlements we were once more assailed by the mobat, no one told me though so I didn’t even notice as I was reading my books. This time the party just seemed so much more able to tackle it and it quickly expired.
    • We found the temple of Desna that Spivey had mentioned but it had been desecrated to become a temple of Pazuzu, the Demon Lord of the Air! We fought a blood-caked, cloaked female dire corby who was obviously in thrall to the demon lord. After the fight I used magic to get rid of some of the abyssal paintings on the wall and Bronn helped me turn the statue of Pazuzu to face the brick wall.
    • In the jail area of the dungeon we found Slugwort – a particularly dumb ogre but with an iron will that defeated much of our magic. He also had a nasty club that pummelled our fighters. Before the fight I had cunningly managed to convince the ogre to lock me in his prison cage to help a young waif called Kelda Oxgutter. She was not in a good mood but after the fight she perked up.

Ah! per l’ultima volta!

  • Brinewall Castle (21 Rova 4712, cont…)
    • Half-fiend decapus which had the seal we needed to enter through the portcullis with the other seal
    • Grandfather of Ameiko, Rokuru Kaijitsu, rose up and said we should ‘take the seal to my child because I am not worthy to guard it any more’
    • Much treasure was found but beloved Ameiko came round from her coma and was astounded by the discoveries in Brinewall Castle

Orlando's Conquests

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